The Smith-Lanni Wedding

A note from the bride: A relaxed bride makes for a fun wedding. Once dinner and our first dance was over, I changed out of my wedding gown into a shorter and more fun white lace dress. Not only did this make dancing more enjoyable for me, but I noticed it allowed all our guests to relax and really be themselves. It was almost an invitation for everyone to get comfortable, come together, be present and appreciate the moment. This can be hard to achieve in our current generation run by technology and social media where there seems to be a greater emphasis on capturing the moment versus experiencing it. While our Instagram wedding hashtag was a great way to compile everyone's photos, I can see why more and more brides are implementing a no cell phone policy. You have a wedding photographer for a reason and walking down an aisle lined with cell phones is not the most visually appealing.

One of my main priorities when planning a destination wedding was thinking ten steps ahead of our guests so they did not have to worry about any logistics and could drink ice cold Pinot Grigio, eat freshly baked margherita pizza and swim all day in the Mediterranean Sea.

On your wedding day, the planning is over and it's time to take it all in, especially those unplanned moments. You are the only one that knows if something didn't go according to plan and often these spontaneous moments are the most memorable. Listen and try to remember the speeches from your family and loved ones. It is great advice and they become wonderful reminders once you are married. Be gracious and appreciative and, most importantly, have fun with your love!

something old: A handkerchief from my moms great grandmother to wrap my lily of the valley bouquet

something new: My something blue!

something borrowed: My mother-in-law's diamond and pearl drop earrings

something blue: Oscar de la Renta clutch

pre-wedding workout: Tracy Anderson Method 

rehearsal dinner: A bright red Alaia dress

welcome drinks: A short white Alaia dress

maid of honor: A petal pink Balenciaga dress

bouquet: Lily of the valley

photography: Nathan Coe