The Perth-Jaconi Wedding

A note from the bride: There are so many moments that stand out. A quiet moment I will forever cherish was when my husband grabbed my hand and walked me outside of the tent. Standing at the furthest end of the garden, my husband and I stood back to admire the night. With the tent glowing and fireflies twinkling above the lavender beds, we watched our family and friends as they shared in our joy. It was magical and so much more than we could have ever imagined. Standing there with him, knowing that this was all because of us, was overwhelming in the best of ways.

My advice: First, stay in the present. It goes by so fast. Be sure to take a moment during the night to stop and take it all in. Second, stay by your person. You will be pulled in a million different directions by a million different people. Remember who the night is really all about and don't leave each other's sides. Lastly, have fun! The party is yours, so relax, stop worrying and have a drink or two!

something old: My grandmother's Edwardian bracelet

something new: My wedding dress!

something borrowed:  My best friends' chandelier pearl earrings

something blue: A blue silk ribbon tied on the inside of my dress

bridesmaids: We chose shades of cream and pale yellow from all different designers to look natural in the setting of the garden

pre-wedding workout: Yoga and paddle boarding

bouquet: White peonies

photography: Cappy Hotchkiss